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Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit News

Tylenol is a standard household name for pain relief, and yet the results of studies in recent years show that the risk of Tylenol liver failure from acetaminophen overdose is substantial. Taken by children and adults, infants and the elderly, Tylenol products are the most popular pain relievers in the United States. The products range from simple pain relievers to more specialized drugs designed to treat symptoms of cold, allergies, and reduce fevers, among other common ailments. In 2011, Tylenol’s manufacturer lowered the recommended daily limit from 4000mg to 3000mg, acknowledging that the company’s recommendations had been unsafely high. In fact, some cases of Tylenol liver failure have occurred when an individual was taking no more than the recommended dosage. The contents of Tylenol can cause liver damage and acute liver failure in a very short period of time. Persons or family members of persons who experienced liver damage as a result of taking Tylenol products are filing Tylenol liver failure lawsuits to recover damages. This page provides the latest news from Tylenol liver failure lawyers.

Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit News Releases

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Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit Legal Help

If you or a family member experienced severe liver problems or liver failure after taking Tylenol, you may learn more information about Tylenol liver failure lawsuits and to contact Tylenol liver failure lawyers, please visit

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