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Fresenius Granuflo Recall Lawsuit News

Naturalyte GranuFlo Acid Concentrate and Liquid Acid Concentrate, products of the German company Fresenius Medical Care, have been linked to an increased risk of heart attack. Granuflo recall lawsuits gained ground when the FDA announced the company was suspected of withholding information regarding the risk if Fresenius Granfulo heart attacks. Granuflo products are dialysates, and are used in tandem with dialysis machines to rid the blood of contaminants and decrease acidity. The Granuflo heart attack recall was issued in response to finding that the drug increases bicarbonate levels in the blood, increasing the risk of heart attack six fold. Dialysis patients may have been exposed to Granuflo products in clinics operated by Fresenius (the company is the nation’s largest holder of dialysis clinics) and those operated by other entities. The greatly increased risk of heart attack associated with Fresenius Granuflo products has led to a surge of Granuflo recall lawsuits. If you or a family member suffered a heart attack after using Granuflo, read here for more information on Granuflo recall lawsuits and the services of Fresenius Granflo recall attorneys.

Fresenius Granuflo Recall Lawsuit News Releases

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Fresenius Granuflo Recall & Heart Attack Lawsuit Legal Help

If you or a family member suffered a heart attack after having dialysis using on of the recalled Fresenius solutions, you may learn more information about Fresenius recall and Naturalyte and Granuflo heart attacklawsuits and to contact Fresenius Granuflo recall lawyers, please visit

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